About Us

  • Thor Robotics Inc is beside beautiful West Lake,Located in Liangzhu University Science and Technology Park (High-tech Industrial Zone),Yuhang District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province,China. 
  • Thor Robotics Inc is a professional manufacturer ,developing and producing various types of intelligent equipment, especially specializing in ground robots, unmanned boats,underwater vehicles, underwater robots and other products. We have the courage to innovate, work rigorously, skilled R & D team and production strength.Our core team has overseas returnees, doctoral degree ,etc.Our team has many years of research and development experiences, the current core R & D team has more than 20 people, 1000 square metre production lines and has many suppliers that have cooperated many years.
  • Our products have completely independent intellectual property rights, and have many technical patents (such as home handling robot, multi-vector underwater robot, underwater vehicle, spherical universal propulsion, Underwater vehicle remote control system, ballast tank system, unmanned waterway survey ship, etc.) ,relying on our advantages of human resources and innovative spirits.
  • Thor Robotics Inc is a professional manufacturer leader of USV,AUV,ROV,UGV in China so far.
  • We have many years of design, construction , Using, maintenance, and have rich experiences in cooperating with customers for many years.
  • Our products have win lots of good reputation in practical application from customers.
  • Our products have been sold to all over China and also Overseas,such as Europe, North America and other countries.
  • Our company also do high standards customized products for domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions.
  • Our products have served many institutions (such as Kazakhstan Engineering, etc.) and military research institutions (such as 702, etc.), the national transport Department and other important companies
  • Our products deserve to your trust .Because we do withstand the test of practice about navigation performance, reliability, operability.
  • We have an international R & D team, master the world's top unmanned control technology and boats and vehicle technology.
  • And our products are better quality with cheaper price comparing with other importing products , due to good located place in China.Also we have a skilled customer service team to provide after-sales service and technical support.
  • "Innovation and Promotion” is our purpose.we will keeping improving ,constantly perfecting our skill, continue making all kinds of excellent intelligent technology products to you!
  • Technology makes the world better!

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