ThorRobotics USV Remote Controlled Lifebuoy Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle Smart Lifebuoy remote RC Life Saving Device MB1000X


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Please check the video to see its functions and in the video it is lifebuoy with 4 thrusters, has video&audio system. Adding Video&audio system, you can use the FPV glasses to view the real-time video sent by the lifebuoy, and you can use the walkie-talkie to have a conversation with the drowning person near or on the lifebuoy.

ThorRobotics USV Remote Controlled Lifebuoy MB1000X


GPS positioning, 2.4G waterproof one-handed remote control, Driving on both sides, One key return, Battery integrated intelligent management, Autonomous correction of course, Cruise control, High, middle and low control mode, Highly optimized, Fluid mechanics design, High-power water jet thruster, Innovative technology to save lives, Highly visible,Easy operation Injury & tangle free, Reliable and safe

Product Introduction

The MB1000X lifebuoy is a remotely operated high-speed surface rescue robot, which is specially used for water rescue in ocean, river, reservoir, ship, rescue and disaster relief scenarios. The lifebuoy has excellent hydrodynamic performance. The high-power brushless motor provides high-power and high-speed, and has better passability in complex hydrological environments. The lithium battery provides large- capacity and high-endurance, which can quickly reach the person who fell into the water by remote control. Rescue

Product Parameter:

Brand :THOR roboTiCS ITEM:MB1000X Age: Above 14 Size: 1002*836*235mm Weight: 12kg Shell material: HDPE Maximum speed: 22km/h (6m/s) Manned speed: 4km/h Life time: 1 hour Rescue load: 150kg Wind/wave resistance: Level 3/2 Working temperature: 0-60℃ Storage temperature: -20-60℃ Output voltage: 25.2V-33.3V Machine power: 2000W Propeller: 2-4 (water jet propeller) Charging time: 2-4h Remote control mode: 2.4G/433M remote control (one-handed control) Effective control distance: more than 1000m Waterproof rating: IP68 Satellite navigation one key return Waterproof voice intercom system (optional) Visible light/infrared video system (optional)

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